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The Ultimate Educational Tool

View and archive YouTube theright way! Find your favorite videos on Youtube and save specific regions for viewing. Many musicians, technicians, and educators are able to leverage Snippz for this purpose, making learning and teaching a breeze.

Tutorials for recipes and music always require rewinding and repetitive instructions. Using Snippz allows for a precise marking of specifics regions so that you can loop, replay, and even save that particular region(s), and return to them at a later date.

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Built with highend technology

We create with the best

Snippz has been built and designed from the ground up to leverage the greatest assets of the iOS platform. Not only does legacy devices work well, the latest Apple A7 and A8 64-bit processors are pushed to the maximum by delivering ultra fast video loads, along with state of the art caching techniques. Video scrubbing is hardware accelerated, removing any sort of delay or lag that's present in other video apps. All of this is achieved will delivering 1080p at the highest bitrate that YouTube will allow!

All Apple supported devices are supported by Snippz. The iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, and the iPads all are designed to work well individually. The larger devices such as the iPad and the iPhone 6 Plus allows more screen real estate to give more space to work with.

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App Features

Why you will love "Snipping"

Save a Moment

Ever seem to just miss that moment of a YouTube video that you want replayed over and over? Precisely capture it with Snippz.

YouTube's Finest

YouTube has the largest video library in the world! Snipping from the largest repository of videos is what makes Snippz wonderful.

Wow Factor

Impress your friends by pulling up videos at the exact point of the excitement with very minimal search effort.

Recipe Gurus

At times you only need one "Snipp" of a 45 minute video to complete your chocolate chip cookies.

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